Note:  There is provision to increase the number of Vice Governor-Generals & Vice Chaplain-Generals. National Level Priories:  A Priory is automatically formed upon membership of at least five active Knights or Dames of the Order residing within the Country.  As membership grows in any one country, the initial Priory may be divided as geographically suited.  For those countries with less than five Knights or Dames of the Order, they are automatically a member of the "At-Large" Priory until such time as their country has a Priory of its own. Commanderies:  Each State within the United States or equivalent outside of the United States will automatically form a Commandery subordinate to its respective Priory if at least five active Knights and Dames of the Order reside within the location. Keeps:  Any additional locality where at least five active Knights and Dames of the Order reside, a Keep subordinate to its local Commandery may be formed. Officers of the Grand Magistry Governor-General:  Rev. Joshua Copeland KCCStI Chancellor (interim):  Chev. Richard Talbot-Jones KCCStI, OMStI Chaplain-General:  Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield ChCCStI, OMStI Vice Chancellor:  Chev. David Sellers KCStI Vice Chaplain-General:  Most Rev. Andrew McMenamin ChCCStI Order of Precedence There could be an exception regarding rank of a particular office. Knights/Dames of the Collar Governor-General Chancellor Chaplain-General Other Knights/Dames of the Collar (by seniority) Knights/Dames Grand Cross Vice Governor-Generals (by date of appointment) Vice Chancellor Vice Chaplain-Generals (by date of appointment) Chief Justiciar Commissioner of the Exchequer Marshall of Arms Other Knights/Dames Grand Cross (by seniority) Knights/Dames Grand Officers Priory Commanders (by date of appointment) Priory Chaplains (by date of appointment) Registrar CoA/Principal Herald Other Knight/Dame Grand Officers (by seniority) Knight/Dame Commanders Commandery State Lieutenants (by date of appointment) Commandery State Chaplains (by date of appointment) Congregational Chaplains (by date of appointment) Herald Extraordinary Other Knight/Dame Commanders (by seniority) Knights/Dames Seville/Jerusalem Pursuivants Other Knights/Dames (by seniority) Squires/Ladies-in-Waiting (by seniority) Companions Rank & Insignia for the Order of St. Isidore of Seville